Group walks provide the opportunity for your dog to socialize and have fun! You’ll find that after a group walk, you will come home to a happy, tired, and contented dog.

Walk Rates:

Dog walks at Paws for Thought, Vancouver, BCGroup walks (1.5 to 2 hours or more of walking time)
1 to 2 walks per week: $35 per walk
3 to 5 walks per week: $30 per walk
Weekend walks (upon availability): $30 per walk
Pick ups are before 11AM and drop offs are after 3 PM

Individual walks
30 min or less: $50 per walk


Daily group walks are included in boarding fees

1-4 days: $60+GST per day
5 days – 14 days: $50+GST per day
More than 14 days: $45+GST per day

Home Visits

Cats, rats, bunnies, lizards or fish – 30 minutes: $35
Puppies or old or sick dogs – 30 minutes: $35


“When we listen we learn, when we learn we understand, when we understand we make magic.” Jan Fennel, The Dog Listener

My training techniques were informed by years of working with dogs and by the teachings of Jan Fenell, the English dog trainer who applies the teachings of the Horse Whisperer to dogs. Jan’s approach is based on the theory that because dogs are pack animals they understand the social model of the pack and follow a clearly defined leader, and she teachers owners how to assume the role of a pack leader.

“I’ve watched my dog become more relaxed and happier as soon as I hand over the leash to Judy. It’s like my dog is happier following a leader rather than being a leader. It’s truly an amazing sight to see and it inspired me to learn how to become a pack leader as well.” – Nadia

Person-to-Person Training
First hour $60
Additional time $40/hr